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Why Visit Chile Now

+ Highly productive soils
+ A stable continental climate which allows for planned farming practices.
+ A long history of foreign investment initially from Spain, Italy, Germany, US, and Europe
+ Dairy farms 200 ha plus
+ Cropping farms
+ Vineyards
+ Forestry
Can I expect the Real Estate Industry to be the same as in Europe?
The short answer is no. The industry in these countries is very informal with no one real estate company having more than 1% market share, let alone dominating the market. The entry cost to being an informal broker is nil and these people come and go. They offer no protection to the consumer and have no formal sales training. Informal "agents" have little or no properties to sell themselves but rely on harvesting official brokers' properties. For the serious buyer, this creates a major challenge, as it does for serious brokers.

Gateway - Ossandon are experienced brokers managing this by having created a network of experienced brokers, apart from their own, throughout Chile.
We offer a real estate services that are unsurpassed for those who are serious about buying and complement this with custom investment tours.


Why travel with GTSA -Ossandon?.
For a start we are based in South America. We have local knowledge that only comes from experience. Travelling around Chile is not the same as travelling around Europe. It is more complex with a need to plan for changes as they happen and dealing with someone 12,000 km away is not easy.

Available Travel Options Investment Farm Tours for Individuals or Small Groups. Ask for a Quote

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Marketing Profesional Internacional y Brokerage

Una de las fortalezas de GTSA es su experiencia en ventas y las habilidades avanzadas en marketing sin igual en la industria, habilidades las cuales una sin la otra no son efectivas. Si usted cree que su propiedad es especial y que merece recibir un precio superior y el comprador puede venir de otros mercados fuera de su ubicación, póngase en contacto con nosotros ahora.