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What is the vendeRAPIDO® and why does GTSA promote this process?

For the Vendor: This is a proven marketing system introduced to this part of the world by GTSA because it recognises the local historic realities of over pricing, informal salespeople with little or no sales experience, and considerable market misinformation, meaning properties often take years to sell.

GTSA gives the genuine vendor the tools and the opportunity to sell their property within a shorter time frame with lower transaction costs.

For the Buyer: This sales process highlights immediately that he is dealing with a genuinely motivated vendor and that what he is hearing and seeing from him and his representatives is correct and straightforward. His interest in the property will be given the respect it deserves and he will be treated with fairness and open dealing.

For GTSA: Selling properties in a fast and professional way means our people are experienced and knowledgeable in advanced selling techniques, giving them a career path not open to part time sales people.

If you are interested in what GTSA can offer you to reduce the time of sale in the market and lower the cost of selling contact us now.

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Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.