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What people are saying about us:

Geoffrey W W McRae

Hello Geoffery,

Your Web site has some of the best photos, write-ups etc i have´t seen for a long time in Argentina. compliments to you and your team.

Best regards


John Hill - 2016-11-28

Marcia Williamson

Marcia did an excellent job for us with conveyancing work on our flat in Buenos Aires.
She has very good verbal communication skills, both in English and Spanish.
She is extremely organised, dependable and all her projects were completed in a timely manner.
Marcia is always willing to offer her assistance and has an excellent rapport with everyone. She is thorough and precise.
Once again, we highly endorse Marcia and recommend her without reservation.

Lynne and Paul Docherty UK - 2016-11-01

Roxana Dorrego CUCICBA 5778

Roxana is the perfect hostess. She helped us with everything we needed and asked for. It's the small touches which she got absolutely right, and there was just the right amount of everything to make us feel immediately at home - the perfect rental experience. The apartment is a gem, and I cannot recommend it highly enough - we felt like privileged locals. Thanks again for having us at your Buenos Apartment.

Anthony Fitzpatrick UK - 2016-11-01

Geoffrey W W McRae

 I have great pleasure in informing you that GTSA have been successfully chosen as the winner of the 2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award for the following category: Real Estate Property Specialist Firm of the Year. The nomination, research and judging process has taken a full 12 months and winning this award means that you can now utilise the winners logo on your website, company emails and your marketing literature. You are now able to promote this success as you deem appropriate.

Corporate International 2012, 2014 , 2016 Global Awards Winne

Emma Sweeney- Awards Manager - 2016-03-07

Geoffrey W W McRae

I first heard of Gateway To South America whilst working in London where I noticed the company was disposing of Estancia Punta del Agua ( 1 millions acres ) and was particularly impressed, not only by the sheer scale of the transaction but also by the global reach of the marketing campaign. I would like to work for Gateway To South America as it is a real estate brokering firm with an excellent reputation and strong track record throughout South America and within Argentina. I was also impressed that the company’s ingenuity through pioneering the vendeRAPIDO system for accelerating the transaction procedure and increasing market transparency. Building on this, I believe that the company can provide international clients with a professional approach to the expanding real estate markets within South America. I would relish the opportunity to work within this growing platform with a globally recognised brand such as Gateway To South America.

Chartered Surveyor - London 

Neil Matthew Campbell - 2016-03-07

Geoffrey W W McRae

Thank you for you providing the Real Estate News and Featured Investment lists that I have been receiving now for over four years. I like the balance between the hard information of the ebulletin and the soft sales approach of the Investment lists. I have unsubscribed and resubscribed twice over that period as my interest comes and goes. Thanks again.


William Murphree - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Hello I am new to your South American Real Estate News subscribers having been a member for only six months. However I have found the information very useful for our Investment Company."


Boris Andronikov CEO - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"I have been receiving your newsletters now for four years or more as we hope to invest more directly in these countries going forward. I am always interested in good sources of information and potential professionals to work with. Your dedication and knowledge of the region is impressive so I wish you all the best."

 Hong Kong 

Peter Crowe - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey, before you finally depart I need to convey to you my great appreciation and admiration for what you have achieved over the last 10 years or so (15 actually). You have been a wonderful asset and good friend. One I could always unconditionally rely on. We will miss you, your humor and skills. As you probably noticed I am refusing to give you a present as I can't accept you have gone forever. The door is always wide open for you and if there is no office you can have mine! Keep in touch".

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, New Zealand

John Bayley CEO, - 2016-03-07

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey is an intelligent and creative individual who delivers outstanding results for his clients. I recommend him as someone to do business with".

Marketing Communications and Content Strategist, Principal at Lion's Share and Miller Pearson

Stephen Pearson - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey is one of the top performers in the business, and I note he was always very happy to assist others even when he was not directly benefiting from the outcome. My experiences with him is that he is a exceedingly hard worker who is focused on the job ahead and settled for nothing less than 110%. I am more that happy to recommend Geoffrey."

Chief Executive, NAI Harcourts Australasia

Richard Laery - CEO - 2016-03-04

Jorge Chapresto Ing. Agr.

"Geoffrey has been an excellent business person from whom I've learned a lot, he's very professional, intelligent and his experience and energy amazes me all the time."

Uruguay Real Estate Broker

Miriam Muller - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey shares his knowledge and provides insight in a professional manner. His experience and expertise should be appreciated by people, who wish to work with discretion in an extremely professional organisation."

Project Manager / Strategic Business Consultant

Vivienne Elder-Smith - 2016-03-04

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey is a reliable businessman. He has done a wonderful job promoting my farm management company through Gateway to South America. Professional, creative with a deep understanding of the real estate business in South America, Geoffrey offers a unique way of approaching the Challenging south American market."

Agribusiness Consultant​ - Argentina

Lucas Cook MBA - 2016-03-03

Geoffrey W W McRae

"Geoffrey runs his business in an extremely professional manner and always goes above and beyond to find the best product for his clients. When is comes to investing in real estate in LATAM, Gateway to South America is the partner to have. I highly recommend Geoffrey and his team."

Senior Vice President at Citi - Argentina

Tommy Campbell Supervielle - 2016-03-03

Geoffrey W W McRae

It has been a pleasure to work with Geoffrey and his group. The proffesionalism and responsibility that he runs Gateway to South America with, set him apart in real estate industry. The most advanced marketing tools and a great personal knowledge of the market turns Geoffrey into a strategic partner when thinking about investing in real estate in Latin America.

Ernst & Young

Juan Manuel Ponte - 2016-03-02

Geoffrey W W McRae

" I had the privilege to work for Gateway to South America - Rural Division as a Business Consultant in 2007. Geoffrey and his team bring high calibre leadership, strong relationship building and great level of professionalism and commitment to their clients."  

Dairy Consultancy "Farm For Profit", 

University of Tasmania

Alexis Perez - 2016-03-02

Geoffrey W W McRae

Geoffrey is an experienced property marketing professional with knowledge of a wide range of property markets and a keen interest in newly developing aspects of the industry. He is fiercely ambitious for his clients and a great individual to work with combining pragmatism and market knowledge to his clients's benefit." 

Director of Rural and Coastal

The Crown Estate London, United Kingdom

Ken Jones - 2016-03-02

Professional International Marketing and Brokerage

GTSA has strengths in advanced selling and marketing techniques second to none in the industry. One without the other is ineffective. If you believe your property is special and deserves a premium price and the buyer may come from outside your location, contact us now as to how we can help you to turn the spotlight on it. We use the most leading edge technology in video, email, TV, plus international alliances to reach qualified buyers for our vendors.