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Professional Fees


We will quote our professional fees for any of the disciplines we specialize in on a case to case basis depending on the service and location.

Web Advertising

All Web based, email and content marketing is free for sole agency properties.

For Developers or Owners who want us to market their property but not provide a selling service we can offer you a number of options.

Property Sales

For Sellers: The level of fees are dependent upon whether the vendor pays for the marketing and the property is an Exclusive agency or not.

For Buyers: Depends on the value of the transaction and the number of properties to be purchased.

The industry norm is that commissions are split between buyer and seller and range from 3-4% for the buyer plus tax on same, sellers pay 2-3% plus tax on same.

Please Note

It can take around 30-90 days for properties owned by Argentine citizens or foreign residents to go to settlement but allow 90-180 days for closing if the property is owned by non-resident individuals or a foreign based company. The contract is notarized and serves as the public document which is registered with the Office of Real Estate Property Records within 15 days of signatures by both parties.

Property Inspections
There is a nominal charge per day including tax covering vehicle and consultant costs. Accommodation will be per the clients account. In the event of a purchase directly through GTSA the daily charge including tax will be refunded from the buyer's commission.

Our Consultants and Advisor's have been chosen for their ability:

+ To go the extra mile for our clients in providing superior customer service.
+ To lead our peers in marketing, services and leading edge innovation.
+ To add value to the clients transaction up to and after any sale or service.
+ To set high standards of being trustworthy, honest and accessible.
+ To be honest and open with communication with clients and seek their feedback.
+ To treat others with respect, dignity and fairness.

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