A very attractive small holding

The farm is located on the Ruta which goes from Los Lagos to Panguipulli, close to Panguipulli at the comuna of Panguipulli, Provincia of Valdivia and region De Los Ríos. Quite close to Panguipulli town farm has two nice owners’ houses of 110 m2 each one. Where can be seen the Vulcan Villarrica. Soils are volcanic ash on easy rolling and flat topography with sectors where the meadows are combined with young native forests, which give it an attractive park-like appearance. From the total surface around 50 ha are arable soil with good natural grass and 20 ha of young native forest. The farm is exploited to make forage crop currently. There are a number of homes and buildings.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 1,596,958

Code: CHCSF251

Hectare: 70 ha

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