Large Developed Farm in the Chaco Region

Developed Livestock Farm, located in the Teniente Picco area, with 11.800 hectares of disassembled area and 8.200 hectares of Forest Reserve, Features: 133 paddocks, Wired Perimeter, 2 Australian tanks with capacity of 6 million liters, 2 artesian wells of 210 meters depth, 28 concrete drinkers with capacity of 24.000 liters, 7 concrete drinkers with capacity of 12.000 liters, 18.900 meters of pipelines of 4”, 6 systems with capacity of 25.000 liters of water for human use., 1 system with capacity of 30.000 liters for human Use, 1 system with capacity of 35.000 liters for human use, 1 Owner House of 170 m2 of high end materials, 1 Foreman House of 120 m2, 5 Staff Houses of 70 m2, 2 sheds, 1 Corral, Aviation Track, power electricity, Gatton Panic Pasture planted. Sale Price is Negotiable

Location: Boquerón, Paraguay

Asking USD: 32,000,000 USD

Code: PYPEF269

Hectare: 20.000 Has.

Pablo A. Engel

[email protected]