Citrus Orchard

This orchard is located in the Comuna of Ovalle, Fourth Region 400 km north of Santiago. This area is an exceptional zone to produce orchards free of frost risk. Total orchard planted 180.5 ha Additional area suitable for planting 80 ha Remaining area non agriculture soil 57 ha

Location: Coquimbo , Chile

Asking USD: USD 58,150 per ha

Code: CLCSF239

Hectare: 317.5 ha

Production: 80 has avocado pear planted in 2004: 40 has and 40 has in 2010 50 has mandarins planted in 2014: 32.5 has, 5 has in 2017 and 13 has in 2018. 50 has lemons planted in 2017: 3 has and 47 has in 2018.

Homestead: 3 houses for managers

Other: 3 houses for employees

Irrigation: Irrigation water comes from surface water, from Tranque Recoleta with 207 shares equivalent to 2200 m3 per one shear. And underground water with 50 l.p.s.

Chile Farm Sales and Marketing

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