Superior Cropping Farm

It is located 23 km from Temuco city downtown. Its climate and topography conditions mean it can be used for multi-purposes as it is located in one of the best areas to produce fruit export in the 9a Region. It has good soils, and drainage, flat and easy-rolling country. Its useful surface is around 745 ha with the remaining being internal roads all sort of buildings, forest, rivers edge and slopes.

Location: Osorno, Chile

Asking USD: USD 17,143 per ha

Code: CHCSF142

Hectare: 950 ha

Production: High production irrigated cropping farm. Wheat crop as an average last three years harvested 87 QQmm/ha. Had a record in some places of 123 QQmm/ha. Rape crop as an average last three years 42.7 QQmm/ha. Oats crop as an average last three years 76 QQmm/ha Potato crops as an average last three years 51 ton/ha.

Irrigation: The Irrigated area is around 400 ha. 550 l.p.s. of surface irrigation water coming from Caivicio River which it has licences to use.

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