Lifestyle Lodge and Farm

The property is located at 20 km southeast of Futrono city close to Lago Ranco and Llifén in the Comuna of Futrono, Región De Los Ríos. Its south boundary delimits with the Bank of the Calcarrupe River for about 5 km, famous internationally for its good fishing, in an environment that is the ultimate expression of the beauty of the typical nature of southern Chile. The farm has around 250 ha of clean pastures for grazing plus 100 ha of them are high lands with a wonderful view of the river and Lago Ranco. Currently, the farm has a landing strip, a nice Inn, 5 cabins fully equipped, each one with own bath hot tubs. It has 3 houses of employees and 2 all-purpose sheds of 300 m2 each one. All are placed in a sector of gardens and park of great beauty.

Location: Ranco, Chile

Asking USD: USD 9,117,650

Code: CLCSF237

Hectare: 600 ha

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