Well Maintained Dairy Farm

The dairy is placed in the area of Chan Chan, comuna of Río Negro, provincial of Osorno, region De Los Lagos. It is currently is working as a diary farm with some cattle rearing and fattening. Around 190 has are in good pasture and 50 are native, hualves (young oaks), roads, buildings, others. Topography is flat. Today there are 220 milking cows plus 62 pregnant cows. Estimation is by next March should be 296 cows in milk. Herd replacement is in a couple of rented farms where are grazing 76 heifers, a bull, calving and 39 steers for fattening. An also to produce silage and hay for winter time. Milk production is delivered to Nestle.

Location: Osorno, Chile

Asking USD: USD 17,910 per ha

Code: CHCSF233

Hectare: 241 ha

Building: 14 unit dairy shed

Homestead: One owner and managers homes

Other: Six workers houses

Water: A deep wells with 20 l.p.s. irrigation water.

Chile Farm Sales and Marketing

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