Well Priced Dairy Farm

The farm is located in the comuna of Purranque, provincia of Osorno and region De Los Lagos. Just about 10 km further west of Hueyusca. It has around 400 has of pasture and 90 has native, the rest river, roads & buildings, and pine curtains. Most of the farm is easy rolling topography Today there are around 250 milking cows and it is breeding its own replacements. The boundary is the river Hueyusca and farm is crossed by a creek called De la Plata.

Location: Osorno, Chile

Asking USD: USD 17,910 per ha

Code: CHCSF232

Hectare: 490 ha

Production: Herringbone milk shed 6 aside

Homestead: One main home

Other: Six workers houses

Irrigation: The farm has 100 l.p.s. of irrigation water.

Chile Farm Sales and Marketing

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