Suitable for European Hazelnuts, Blueberries and Cherries

Good soils, irrigation water, climate, lower price & natural resources make this farm suitable for an orchard of export fruits such as cherries, apples, blackberries & European hazelnuts. This is what neighbors have done and have planted more than 1200 ha already.

Location: Malleco, Chile

Asking USD: USD 26,670/per ha

Code: CHCSF222

Hectare: 189.3 ha

Production: The farm is located at Comuna of Traiguén, Provincia of Malleco, Región Novena. On the road from Traiguén to Galvarino. Soils of the farm are flat of clay red texture with good drainage and effective depth of 2.5 m. Formed from old volcanic ash with over 50% of clay in its soil profile and high levels of organic matter. According to S.I.I. soils & irrigation water rights of the 189.3 hectares field are 142.3 has of Class III-R 11 has of Class IV-R 17.3 has of Class IV- S 18.7 has of Class VII-S

Irrigation: irrigation water rights are 221.5 LPS with its whole irrigation infra, channels, irrigation gates, and frames. Also, have three deep wells for human consumption. (Depth 3 m).

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