Lakefront farm close to Volcano Osorno

The farm is located south of Las Cascadas on the road to Ensenada, in the Comuna of Puerto Varas, Provincia of Llanquihue, Región De Los Lagos. Placed on the east shore of Lake Llanquihue close to beautiful tourism places such as Saltos de Petrohué, Lake De Todos Los Santos, Cochamó Valley, Cuenca del Puelo River, Ensenada and Puerto Varas city. Farm has a total of 325.0492 has of which 6.5 has are lakeshore with a 200 m beach front Importantly it has Stud Deer Breeding SAG licence. The farm will sold as a turn key operation.

Location: Llanquihue, Chile

Asking USD: USD 31,385 per ha

Code: CHCSF220

Hectare: 325 ha

Production: Forest of the farm is all native except 4000 Chestnut & Holm Oak trees planted 8 years ago. Soils of the farm are IV, VI & VII categories.

Homestead: Large modern home overlooking the lake of 400 m2

Other: Guest cottage 64 m2 Barbecue house 100 m2 Boat house, service room & tool shed 100 m2

Irrigation: Irrigation water rights consumptive are from two sources. 1 l/s bought to a neighbor and 0.1 to 3.1 l/s from a creek thaw of Volcano Osorno.

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