This waterfront farm has many options

This farm is located at Comuna of Futrono, Provincia of Valdivia, Región De Los Ríos. It has a clear aptitude for cattle and tourism with 3 km of lake shore of Lake Maihue and 1 km of river bank with Curinilahue River. Besides is close to Calcarrupe River starting. It is a good farm to develop a deer hunting ground and fishing. Currently has around 100 has of improved pasture and is possible to increase in other 150. Soils are volcanic ash. Topography in pastures and native is easy rolling. Closer to lake shore is more rough and sloping. Single phase electricity is supplied.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 20,000 per ha

Code: CHCSF218

Hectare: 693 ha

Production: A large amount of River frontage Curinilahue and the proximity of the mouth of Calcarrupe River a well known internationally as a great fishing river make the property perfect for tourism and production.

Building: One machinery shed

Homestead: A large comfortable owner house of 700 m2.

Other: A second home in good condition of 150 m2 plus two workers cottages of 130 m2 each.

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