Mixed Use Pastoral Farm

This Farm is located in the Provincia Del Ranco, Comuna Futrono, and Región De Los Ríos. It is only 18 km from Futrono city on the road to Llifén and at around 12 km away from Lago Ranco, in the area of Cerrillos. Almost all is by sealed road. From the total, 58.7 has is in grass over flat and easy rolling countryside where all paddocks have drinkable water for the cattle and 613.5 has are in mature native forest. The farm has about 1 km of boundary with an important river and a river which at high flow would allow one to implement some agriculture production. Due to its natural beauty and very close proximity to Futrono city, which is seen as a new tourism destination in the surrounding area of Lake Ranco, this farm is attractive to invest for tourism and or lifestyle properties project.

Location: Ranco, Chile

Asking USD: USD 2,790 per ha

Code: CHCSF208

Hectare: 672.2 ha

Building: Hay shed, implement shed, woolshed, cattle yards, and stables.

Homestead: Owners house ( modest )

Other: Employee house ( more modest )

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