La Botija Cattle Ranch

This property is located at the Flat Pampa of Córdoba Prairie. Temperate climate with an annual average of 18°C. Annual average rainfall of 820 mm. Between others, allgarrobo, quebracho blanco and chañar is the most frequent species in the wild scrubland. The soil quality according to La Francia soil map sheet 3163-28 ranges between class IV and class VI. Installations: 40 Km. hardwood 5/6 wires fence in proper maintenance conditions. 20 pasture field with appropriate water provision facilities. A the central road connects all pasture fields with the corral area. 8 functional stockyards with chute, cattle scale and truck loader –a highly operational cattle facility.

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Asking USD: USD 3,000,000

Code: ARACF100

Hectare: 859 ha

Production: Mixed production, agriculture at the most fertile lots (soybean, corn, sorghum, etc.) and cattle in the remaining surface –complete breeding cycle. Scrubland with mega-thermic grass (gatton, panicun, etc.) used for the first stages of the breeding cycle and Lucerne and green leaf (sorghum, corn) for the latest.

Building: 10x9 m totally closed shed, corrugated zinc roof, concrete floor, with 3 rooms. 12x8 m one wall –South face- shed, corrugated zinc roof, suitable for tractor and seeds depot. 12x8 m totally closed shed with concrete floor. 12x5m open sides shed, corrugated zinc roof –two similar units. All sheds received proper maintenance.

Homestead: Personnel accommodation only. Modest concrete panels house in perfect maintenance conditions. Two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen-dinner room, electricity from public service net, underground water provision and a wooded backyard.

Water: Underground water suitable for direct animal consumption –no treatment required. Five waterwheels supply eleven watering holes strategically distributed in the land by an underground network.

Alejandro Cabrera Econ.

[email protected]

+54 9 3564 51 7565