Location, Soils & Fair Price

No doubt the excellent location, the quality of its soils, large built infrastructure and above all its price make this estate an attractive business to buy. I recommend a visit soon for sure there will be many interested.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 9,790 per ha

Code: CHPFF192

Hectare: 220 ha

Production: Is an area of 220 ha, of which there are 100 ha of clean soils, mostly of flat premium trumaos. There are plantations of raspberries, German currants and blackberry without recent management. Pastures are protected by tree curtains of hualles and pellines. It also has some artificial plantations of exotic and native species. The other sector is a native forest of ~100 ha from which you could draw several thousand inches of wood of pellin and hualle.

Building: It is an area with plenty of built infrastructure, over 3000 m2 and electrical installations and drinking water.

Water: The farm is located on the banks of Collilelfu River in deep bed without risk of flooding.

Irrigation: Owner is in the process of regularizing 35 l/s of water for irrigation.

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