Grazing, Tourism & Lakeside Beach

Farm has 800 m of own lakeshore on Lago Llanquihue and runs up to the Volcano Osorno lower slopes, allowing pretty landscape view of surrounding places. Close to beautiful tourism places: Saltos de Petrohue, Lago Todos Los Santos, Cochamo, Rio Puelo, Ensenada & Puerto Varas

Location: Llanquihue, Chile

Asking USD: USD 13,700 per ha

Code: CHPFF179

Hectare: 730 ha

Production: Currently farm is worked as cattle grazing and tourism. Around 250 ha of pasture, with around 30 ha more to be cleaned up. Remaining 450 ha is native forest, has several creeks were water flows all year around. 90 ha are slopes of Osorno volcano.

Building: There is NO building at the property for sale. Owner sells 740 ha but keeps for himself around 15 ha with the farm dwellings. Energy supply is three phases, on owner reserve place at the entrance of the farm. 9 Km of stabilized internal roads.

Water: Water storage tanks for 10.000 L

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