Cattle, Native Forests & Thermal Waters

Farm has three different economic activities: cattle breeding, native forest & termal waters touristic complex. Located in area of Cerrillos. Distances: 20 km to Futrono, 15 km to Lago Ranco and 25 km to Maihue.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 3,276 per ha

Code: CHPFF147

Hectare: 1,850 ha

Production: Total Farm: 1,850 ha of which 400 are available for breeding cattle & 1,450 are native bush. 1. Breeding cattle: good pastures to breed 400 heads. With some improvement could breed 500 heads. 2. Native forests with management plan authorized by Conaf: Coigue (Nothofagus dombeyi), Rauli (Nothofagus alpina), Ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia), Tineo (Weinmannia trichosperma) & Tepa (Laureliopsis philippiana). Internal roads suitable for exploitation. 3. Thermal Water Tourism Complex

Building: Complex has: 10 cottages fully equipped (4-6 people). A manager house. Indoor pool of hot thermal water Outdoor pool of hot thermal water. Rustic massage with hot springs. Energy supply is monophase. Medium term three phases.

Water: Farm has three water irrigation rights coming from spring creeks, streams and a good river flow. Thermal hot spring water rights from 2 different streams: one at 43C & other one at 92C.

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