Under priced for the Region. It needs developing

The farm priced very cheaply due to the owners motivation to sell. Attending its location and soils quality which are suitable for crops, cattle fattening, dairy and Hazelnut plantation. Just needs developing. Located at 14.5 km of Riachuelo on a gravel road and from this point to Río Negro at 12, 5 km on a sealed road.

Location: Osorno, Chile

Asking USD: USD 11,061 per ha

Code: CHPFF146

Hectare: 180 ha

Production: Currently farm is leased and is grazing 36 dairy cows plus 70 cattle of different ages. Total farm is 180 ha: of which 125 ha are in natural improved pastures and 55 ha are native bush and have the protection of watercourses, also all on volcanic soils. From the 125 in pasture, 45 ha are good volcanic ash soils and 80 ha are on fertile soils (vegas), 3 ha of which can be flooded in winter time. Río Blanco river delimits with the farm along 3 km. A drainage of 300 m could avoid the temporary flooding.

Building: Basic productive infrastructure. Energy supply is single phase. 150 m2 shed in good condition.

Water: Drinkable water comes from a deep well. (not functioning )

Irrigation: No encripted irrigation water rights, but farm has several creeks.

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