Crop & Cattle Farm

Crop & cattle farm located 6,2 Km on a gravel road from Paillaco. In the surrounding area, blueberries are successfully grown. Very competitively priced.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 11,083 per ha

Code: CHPFF128

Hectare: 66.5 ha

Production: Mostly flat topography. Of the total 65 ha, an area of 45.68 ha is clean to cultivate & 20,68 ha of native bushes.

Building: Two phase power supply.

Other: 1 cottage worker house (60 M2), 2 sheds (600 M2 + 150 M2). Cattle yard 6 parting raceway.

Water: Cattle water supply from underground creeks to the paddocks. There is a water tank reservoir.

Irrigation: No irrigation water rights.

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