Productive Blueberries and Chestnut Orchard

Farming aptitude & outstanding location close to beaches and lakes, native forest,boundaries with a creek & river, make of this property a very attractive option. 1 Km of farm boundary with Lumaco creek and 800 m with Manio river, near from Beach Monje (5 Km) & Lake RiƱihue (7 Km). Farm access: 1 Km (paved), distant 9 Km from Panguipulli.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 18,095/ha

Code: CHPFF114

Hectare: 70 ha

Production: With a 10 year productive blueberries crop on 13 Ha, var. Elliot. Also in production 45 Ha of fenced pastures paddocks plus 0,5 Ha of chestnuts, all of these surrounded by 8,3 Ha of closed native forest.

Building: Interior roads in good shape, one & three phase power supply, constructions: 1 shed plus roofing for machinery , 2 apartments, workers lunch room, nursery, certified warehouse & packing, 3 irrigation/pump stations, 9 restrooms, all totalizing 1,100 M2.

Homestead: 300 M2 owner house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathroom, chimneys' & central heating, garage, wood storage and parking for 2 vehicles (95 M2).

Other: A 50 M2 guest house.

Water: Plenty of water resources and irrigation rights (15 lts/sec) to achieve high yields in the blueberries and chestnut orchards.

Irrigation: Blueberries plantation fully drip irrigated (2 wells with 4 pumps).