Cropping & Blueberry Farm

It has great location, access, soils quality and performance, excellent productive infrastructure make of this farm a highly demanded candidate in a well-known cropping region. Located on both sides of highway 5, close to and south of Victoria. Proximity to agro-industrial centers, consumption and agricultural inputs distributors. Private road connecting with farm CODE CHPFF101 thru a railway crossing, opens the chance of adding 130 Ha of cropping land.

Location: Malleco, Chile

Asking USD: USD 18,750 per ha

Code: CHPFF103

Hectare: 245 ha

Production: 22 has are planted with Blueberrys, The rest of the land is in wheat, oats, raps, pasture and a good infrastructure. Annual rainfall: 48 to 60 inches, annual average Temp: 12 - 13 C (winter 8 - 9 C, summer 22 - 24 C). Soils: series Victoria from volcanic ash. Dark brown & friable when wet and loose when dry. Loamy texture. Effective depth 35 - 90 cm & good to moderate drainage.

Building: It has excellent infrastructure for production: machinery sheds, and other sheds: #1 & 2 (900 M2 each)+ #3 (1,500 M2) and blueberry packing. Workers lunchroom & restrooms. An impressive 1,050 M2 horse stud. Energy: Own three phase transformer.

Homestead: Main house 400 M2

Other: Administrator house (120 M2), 2 worker houses (90 M2 + 55 M2)

Water: Three deep wells: a) depth 150 M, electric 100 HP pump, yields 62 L/s; b) depth 65 M, 35 HP pump, yields 42 L/s and c) depth 60 M, 45 HP pump, yields 20 L/s. Two water dams: 14,000 M3 & 5,000 M3 storage capacity.

Irrigation: Irrigation and frost protection 124 L/s system for blueberry crop, with 3 electric pumps (2 x 40 HP + 1 x 12 HP).

Chile Farm Sales and Marketing

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