Lifestyle Horticulture Block

Description: The farm is located in the Comuna of Panguipulli at 10 km of Panguipulli, 7 km from Playa Monje and 7 km of Lake Riñihue. Only 1 km of gravel road. The farm is 36 hectares with 10 has blueberries var.Elliot of mature age, 14 has of pasture, 10 has of native forest with a natural spring. Native trees in all areas of the farm. Blueberries are irrigated by technician dripping from two deep wells. Legally enrolled. Pasture paddocks and part of the Blueberries and part of the native are boundary with Estero Lumaco for about 500 m. Also property has 140 m alongside with River Mañío. Its location close to beaches and lakes, 10 km of Panguipulli, near of Beach Monje and 7 km of Lake Riñihue make it very appealing. .

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking USD: USD 952,000

Code: CHCSL12

Hectare: 36 ha

Bedroom: 0

Bathroom: 0

Garage: No

TV: No

Internet: No

AC: No

Heating: No

Pool: No

Gym: No

Water: Farm has a 500 m boundary with Lumaco creek and 140 m with Mañio River. Property is plenty of water with good access to all paddocks.

Irrigation: Irrigation water rights are legal enrolled and are quite enough to achieve high yields with blueberries.

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