Two Kilometres of Riverfront

Description: Excellent Calcurrupe River for fishing and its 2 km length make this property a very interesting place to purchase together with its proximity to Lakes Ranco & Maihue in a beautiful area well worth for tourism.Farm is located at 500 m before Calcurrupe River gets into the Lake Ranco at the Comuna of Futrono in the Región De Los Ríos. This allows an easy connection into and from the river. The property has around 2 km of riverside along Calcurrupe River, which is international well known due to good conditions to fish salmonidea trout – Arco Iris & Fario. Calcurrupe River starts at Lake Maihue and flows into the Lake Ranco The property is flat and has 10 hectares of native forest, 10 hectares of scrub and 10 hectares of natural pasture. It is subdivided in two plots – 53 & 54 – and two titles 60-840 & 60-841. Distant 5 km from Llifén, 20 km from Lago Ranco town, 18 km from Futrono and 108 km from Valdivia.

Location: Ranco, Chile

Asking USD: USD 1,715,000

Code: CHCSL11

Hectare: 29.9 ha

Homestead: No buildings on the property

Bedroom: 0

Bathroom: 0

Garage: No

TV: No

Internet: No

AC: No

Heating: No

Pool: No

Gym: No

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