La Estancia de Cafayate - LOTS- Luxury Country Estate

Description: Close enough but not too close! Garden home sites in La Estancia de Cafayate are centrally located to the planned commercial area, the lake, fitness center and a community of spacious 1/2 acre home sites to accommodate a lovely garden with terraces, vineyards and mountains in your back ( or front ) yard. This popular size sold out quickly and a few re-sales are on offer now.

Location: Salta, Argentina

Asking USD: From USD $25,000

Code: ARTCL110

Hectare: 2,000 m2

Home size m2: Vacant Land

Bedroom: 0

Bathroom: 0

Garage: No

TV: No

Internet: No

AC: No

Heating: No

Pool: No

Gym: No

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