Olmos Irrigation Project -Land for Sale

Located near the Andes Mountains, more precisely in the Lambayeque region, 900 km from Lima, where the soil is fertile, the sun shines all year round, and the low relative humidity helps keep pests away. Of the 43,500-hectare irrigated area, 35,500 ha has been sold at public auction. The land is called Tierras Nuevas (New Land), and has be divided into plots ranging around 1,000 ha. Expectations are that these areas will be used by agribusinesses dedicated to producing a range of high-quality crops with excellent yields that are highly competitive in the international market. Contact us for purchase options.

Location: Lambayeque, Peru

Asking USD: 8,500 ha per ha

Code: PEGM100

Hectare: 3,000 ha

Water: The project will allow for the transfer of 400 million m3 of water per year from the Huancabamba River to irrigate more than 43,500 hectares of lands in the Olmos Valley. Infrastructure for the lots is expected to be finished by November 2014

Irrigation: 50 km of pipelines to supply pressurized water, the works include the construction of canals, reservoirs, a tunnel, grit chambers, access roads and power lines. The concession period is 20 years, including construction, and the overall investment will total USD 250 million.

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