Florianopolis - Lagoa da Conceição

Description: Protected by the pergola, the balcony looks to the best angle of the landscape. Kitchen (Formaplas), is integrated into the livingroom. The upper floor slab, made of reinforced concrete was covered with wood material used in the pillars, deck and ladder. The species chosen was Apuleia leiocarpa, provided by Sun Flower Wood Street Who comes walking up a flight of stairs and reaches the ground by this go on deck. Acariquara raw logs, wood-resistant and high durability common in Amazonas and ParĂ¡, support the pergola. And naturally ventilated and illuminated, the house minimizes energy consumption. Another feature that contributes to this is the solar heating system? the plates are in a section of the roof facing the north face, the sunniest. For the garden next to the stairs to receive natural light, we used glass tiles in a section of the roof, which incidentally employs ceramic model. Infinity pool.

Location: Santa Catarina, Brasil

Asking USD: P.O.A

Code: BRJDSL112

Bedroom: 0

Bathroom: 0

Garage: No

TV: No

Internet: No

AC: No

Heating: No

Pool: No

Gym: No

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