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Lifestyles matching your criteria

Lifestyle, Tourism & Lakeside Beach

The lifestyle property is located in Lican Ray town at Lake Calafquén in the Comuna of Villarrica. Property is urban, has 28.650 m2 and has 10.5 m offshore at Lake Calafquén. Property...


Code: CHPFL110

USD 51/M2

28,650 M2

230 M2 + 163 M2




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Lakeside Lifestyle - Lago Ranco

Nice property with large garden, 100 M of lake shore with complete infrastructure for holding boats, equipment & water sports activities. ...


Code: CHPFL103

USD 445,615


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Pucon 4* Thermal Waters Resort

The Thermal waters resort is located at 30 km East of Pucon on a sealed road. Resort total area is 27.000 m2 (2,7 ha) and is placed next to Rïo Liucura within exuberant nature. ...


Code: CHPFL109

USD 22,950,820

2,7 ha

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Two Kilometres of Riverfront

Excellent Calcurrupe River for fishing and its 2 km length make this property a very interesting place to purchase together with its proximity to Lakes Ranco & Maihue in a beautiful area well wo...


Code: CHCSL11

USD 1,715,000

29.9 ha

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Lifestyle Horticulture Block

The farm is located in the Comuna of Panguipulli at 10 km of Panguipulli, 7 km from Playa Monje and 7 km of Lake Riñihue. Only 1 km of gravel road. The farm is 36 hectares with 10 has bluebe...


Code: CHCSL12

USD 952,000

36 ha

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Waterfront Lifestyle Opportunity

This lifestyle property has 190 m lakefront with the Lago Ranco in the area called Puerto Nuevo on the side of the road from Futrono to La Unión, few km before Bahía Coique. Located in t...


Code: CHCSL222

USD 5,000,000

22.36 ha

+ More

Lifestyle or Tourism opportunity

The property of 10 has which has 280 metres of its own shorefront on the lake and another 500 metres of its own shore with a large river. The river is wild with plenty of rapids and falls in a beauti...


Code: CHCSL223

USD 1,521,000

10 ha

+ More

Lifestyle or Tourism - You choose

This is a unique and very particular property located at the IX Región de la Araucanía immediately north of Chilean Patagonia, which has excellent qualities to develop a high standard ec...


Code: CHCSL224

USD 4,373.890

203 ha

+ More

Country Home close to Santiago City

An attractive lifestyle property very close to Santiago. Good quality modern house located within the private parcel in San Agustín Park/Camino Catemito. Its location is placed within country ...


Code: CHCSL225

USD 635,000


420 m2




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Ready for Sub-division into lots

The property is close to the city of Osorno. There is a newly completed project to subdivide the farm into 103 plots of around 5.000 m2 each. The SAG already approves the project of the subdivision. ...


Code: CHCSL227

USD 3,250,000

65 ha

+ More

Also listed as lifestyles

Lifestyle Lodge and Farm

The property is located at 20 km southeast of Futrono city close to Lago Ranco and Llifén in the Comuna of Futrono, Región De Los Ríos. Its south boundary delimits with the Bank ...


Code: CLCSF237

USD 9,286,000

600 ha

+ More

Forestry, Eco Tourism you Choose

This property is ideal for hunting, conservation, native forests, ranching, forestry,, summer cattle breading and also a major tourist activity with easy access to main roads. Location Location thi...


Code: CHCSF141

USD 6,156,215

1250 ha

+ More

Pastures, Forestry, Native Bush & Lodge

Outstanding farm with pastures, forestry, native bush and mountain style lodge, located 40 Km from Purranque (34 Km on sealed road + 6 Km gravel)....


Code: CHPFF130


1,562 ha

+ More

This waterfront Property has many options

This farm is located at Comuna of Futrono, Provincia of Valdivia, Región De Los Ríos. It has a clear aptitude for cattle and tourism with 3 km of the lakeshore of Lake Maihue and 1 km ...


Code: CHCSF2188

USD 10,990,000

693 ha

+ More

Lakefront farm close to Volcano Osorno

The farm is located south of Las Cascadas on the road to Ensenada, in the Comuna of Puerto Varas, Provincia of Llanquihue, Región De Los Lagos. Placed on the east shore of Lake Llanquihue clo...


Code: CHCSF220

USD 31,385 per ha

325 ha

+ More

Export Kiwi Orchard & Farm Lifestyle

Along with being a productive kiwifruit export farm, at very low production costs, its also a gateway to farm lifestyle, located close to cities (Santiago 66 Km & Rancagua 18 Km), in a very peacef...


Code: CHPFF156

USD 530,000

3 Ha

+ More

Agro Tourism Farm

Beautiful and spectacular farm for cattle fattening and agro-tourism located at Region De Los Lagos at the east of Todos Los Santos Lake and next door of Peulla Village, tourism famous place with a gr...


Code: CHCSF265

USD 3,400,000

400 ha

+ More

Fully developed farm

Attractive farm of 150 ha placed in San Jose de la Mariquina adjacent Río Cruces in a long extension and close to Ruta 5, Provincia de Valdivia, Región De Los Ríos. The farm is s...


Code: CHCSF245

USD 18,987 per ha

150 ha

+ More

Options for Lifestyle or Income

The farm of 435 ha is located at comuna of Futrono, Provincia of Valdivia, region De Los Lagos. The River Curringue is one of its natural boundaries, where from one point their exists two thermal reg...


Code: CHCSF246

USD 4,563 per ha

435 ha

+ More

Reloncaví Estuary - Outstanding Landscapes and Location

The property is located in the Estuario de Reloncaví (Reloncaví Estuary) and has 1500m of coastline, two rivers, and five lagoons and is covered with always green native bush and differe...


Code: CHCSF258

USD 2,418,000

776 ha

+ More

Cattle Rearing Farm

Farm of 105 has of good soil mostly flats located at 15 km from Paillaco city in the Región De Los Ríos, of which 11 are on the highway, and four are on a gravel road. Currently, there...


Code: CHCSF266

USD 1,432,000

105 ha

+ More

Remote Island Escape

The property is part of an island in the Moraleda channel on the way to Puerto Chacabuco. It is placed in the Comuna of Aysén in the XI Región. It has about 8000 m of sea coastline, a l...


Code: CHCSF272

USD 1,470,000

470 ha

+ More

Remote Native Bush Retreat

The property is accessed from Coyhaique in the direction of Mañihuales. From there, you head north, travelling 12 km until you reach a crossroads heading west to the Picacho River. From this, y...


Code: CHCSF278

USD 700,000

571 ha

+ More

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