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Premium farm between Montevideo and Punta del Este

Excellent mixed farm in rural surroundings at a convenient distance from the most important cities in Uruguay. Attractive combination of grain production and cattle breeding operation.

Location: Canelones, Uruguay

Asking: USD 2,800,000 **

Code: UYWMF105

Land Size: 423 ha

Production: This farm has very good agricultural soils, where summer crops such as soy, corn and sorghum or winter crops such as wheat, barley and oats can be planted. Half of the farm is suitable for grains. The other half is excellent for cattle breeding as there is plenty of wáter and shade in summer. 204 hectares are suitable for cropping and the rest is for livestock. CONEAT 121.

Building: Connected to the grid and solar panels plus windmill are present. It also has chute and pen facilities with adequate design to comfortably work with livestock. The state of these facilities is very good. All fences are in good condition. Fruit trees complement the garden.

Homestead: The farm has very good housing facilities. The main house is framed by a pleasant park. The main house includes 4 bedrooms, two large barns and a workshop shed. There are two guesthouses and a house for the caretakers. There is a swimming pool with panoramic views.

Water: Great availability of water: it has several water reserves. There are 2 boreholes with a submersible pump. The farm is bordered by a stream on the north side.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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