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Modern Crop Farm

Attractive crop farm with lots of growth potential. This farm has successfully been converted into a modern crop farm. In the last two years intensive rotation of summer and winter crops has taken place. In summer soy beans, sorgho and corn were planted and in winter wheat was cultivated. Farm development is still in full swing with soil improvements and enlargement of crop area with each crop season. The predominant soil types are very suitable for successful crop farming. The farm borders river Carreta Quemada and lies on top of acquifer Raigón. Access to the farm is guaranteed as it is very close to national Route 3 and it also has direct access from the ring way leading to national Route 11. The internal road leading to the buildings is also in very good condition. The farm is situated at 10 km north of the city San José. The main house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living, kitchen and guestroom with bathroom. It has connection with WiFi and DirectTV. Several investments were recently done in housing and infrastructure. There are two houses for staff with kitchen, living room and two bedrooms each. On the property there are three barns in good conditions. The average CONEAT is 156 at this property and 50% of soils has a CONEAT 184. Reason for sale is future development in other location.

Location: San José, Uruguay

Asking: USD 5,500/Ha **

Code: UYWMF101

Land Size: 365/Has

Subcategory: Agricultural Farm

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