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Developed Mixed Farm in Boquerón

Farm in Boquerón - Chaco Region Mariscal Estigarribia District Infante Rivarola Zone 17.500 Hectares Located 750 kms from the Capital City Asunción Suitability: Livestock & Forestry Owner House with 5 Bedrooms in suite with AA and modern bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Dinning Room, and large patio 2 Natural Reservoirs of 100 m3 each 3.600 Hectares of Gatton Panic & Buffel Pastures divided in 72 Paddocks of 50 Hectares each. 5 Artesian wells of fresh water of 180 to 200 meters depth with water Pumping with a Tank of 30.000 liters each. Drinking troughs in each Paddock and Underground water, the troughs are connected to the water from the artesian wells which are pumped with Electric engines. It has 100 Hectares of Hay bale 4 Retreat Houses, which 3 are old with 2 bedrooms, kitchen & dinning room, and 1 Retreat with 2 bedrooms, kitchen & dinning room. 2 Corrals with a Load Capacity of 1.000 heads of cattle with a scale up to 1.000 kilos., chute and Pen with operating office, jetty 28 Carbon ovens of 5 meters in diameter and with a Capacity of 4.500 kilos per oven Wired Perimeter of 50 kms 25 kms of Three-Phase Power Electricity Posts and 25 kms of Mono-phase Power Electricity Posts Diesel Generators Reserve in case of power interruption 70 kms of Internal roads Aviation Track with no use Annual Rainfall Regime: 600 to 800 MM

Location: Boquerón, Paraguay

Asking: 750 USD/Ha. **

Code: PYPEF398

Land Size: 17.500 Has.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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Pablo is a Broker with expertise on various markets in LATAM and has an advanced experience in Agro ...