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Mixed Farm in Paraguari

Semi Developed Farm suitable for Livestock, Rice & Forestry Currently Livestock Use Anual Rainfall Regime: 1.400 mm. Property between the Río Negro and the pickerel stream. The Negro River is the boundary between the Department of Caapucú and Ñeembucú, which is formed by the natural drainage of the Ypoa Lake. This Lake is a permanent natural reservoir of approximately 300 hectares. suitable for rice plantation: between 2,000 and 3,000 hectares. close to the reservoir of water. The area suitable for planting rice, close to the natural reservoir is composed of marshlands in its entirety, its not a stream, its a clean natural field. The Dept. of Paraguarí has no restriction of the SEAM to grow rice.native Forest timber along the pickerel stream. Land access route to Villa Oliva, 5 km. from the city and internal roads by two private properties of approximately 30 km. (Asunción 130 Km.) Possibility of connecting the access route 1 through the village of Potrero Montiel and a privately owned. Route 1 to Montiel Potrero are 35 Km away (from Asunción 190 Km.) Access route 1 - Montiel Potrero - Cerrito is in the process of pavement.  Average altitude above sea level: 61 meters.

Location: Paraguarí, Paraguay

Asking: 4,758,000 USD **

Code: PYPEF391

Land Size: 4.758 Has.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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Pablo is a Broker with expertise on various markets in LATAM and has an advanced experience in Agro ...