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Mixed Farm in San Pedro by the Paved Road

Excellent location in one of the fastest developing zone, on International Route 3 Gral. Aquino, Km 314-200m Suburban, agricultural property, in Santa Rosa de Lima, 1800 mm of annual rainfall, water spring lagoon. Centralized location in the Northeast Region of Paraguay, 250 km from Asuncion, 150 km from the border with Matto Grosso, Brazil. 200 kms from the largest pulp mill under construction in South America to process eucalyptus and other timber from Paraguay and Brazil. 60 km from IMPASA, a large Brazilian-Paraguayan biodiesel and alcohol factory, 90 km from a meat exporter firm and Port of Antequera, a grain elevator on the Paraguay River, also used by Brazilians from Matto Grosso. One km from silos, and eucalyptus processing plant. Agricultural Application: Suitable for growing soybeans, corn, sunflower, canola, chia, sesame, papayas, pineapples, early watermelon for export (frost-free zone) and the famous STEVIA, a species native to this area with fast growing demand worldwide . Livestock application: excellent for pasture production, feet lot, purchase and sale of livestock, hotel for animals. Forest application: it is an area of ​​atlantic flora, very suitable for the production of eucalyptus and several other fast-growing timber species, near the collection and processing centers. Commercial Application: gasoline stations, factories, silos, located on a slight hill that makes a beautiful view from both directions of the international route.

Location: San Pedro, Paraguay

Asking: 470,000 USD **

Code: PYPEF348

Land Size: 82 Has.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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