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Developed Livestock Farm in Alto Paraguay

Developed Livestock Farm located in the district of Toro Pampa, with 400 hectares of Livestock Pastures, 5961 hectares of natural pastures, Approved Use Plan for 2020 Hectares, 28 Paddocks, Aviation Track, 2 Staff Houses, Owner House, Radio Antenna, Power Electricity (In Progress), 20 Breakwaters, 5 breakwaters with a Tank, 5 Retreat Houses, 75 kms of water canalization, Annual Rainfall Regime: 1.600 MM, 80 kms from the Bioceanic Route.

Location: Alto Paraguay, Paraguay

Asking: 7,912,480 USD **

Code: PYPEF338

Land Size: 11.636 Has.

Subcategory: Grazing Farm

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