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Developed Farm Suitable for Livestock & Agriculture

Farm in the state of Guaira - 275 Hectares Mbocayaty District Located 20 minutes from the city of Villarrica 5 kms from the Paved Road Developed Farm suitable for Livestock & Agriculture Currently Livestock Use Features: Owner House Staff House Barns Rooftop Corral with pen and chute, scale etc. Wired Perimeter 2 hectares with Eucalyptus 15 hectares of wetlands Power electricity Cell Phone signal Water access 4 breakwaters Internal Streams The Tebicuary Rivery borders the Property to the North. ( No flooding issues)

Location: Guairá, Paraguay

Asking: 672,550 USD **

Code: PYPEF259

Land Size: 275 Has.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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