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Developed Farm Suitable for Livestock in the Chaco Region

The property is in shape of a irregular polygon in several sides. The terrain is generally flat topography with mild slopes towards the water course in the South. It has a water course that crosses the property. Wired perimeter The soil is of the type characteristic of the Chaco Region (Alto Chaco), with potential for implementation of pasture. It has been observed in the area that the land is of use for artificial pasture, with establishment for breeding and fattening of cattle, as well as large tracts of rangeland with palms, characteristic of the area. Public services and infrastructure electricity: in conclusion phase water: account with embankments and a course that crosses the property. Transit and communication: Transchaco Route and public roads, mobile phone coverage. Distance to supply and service centres: the property is 235 kms from Pozo Colorado, where it has basic facilities services, markets and supply, and 60 kms. of Puerto Pinasco. Characteristics of the zone: soil, infrastructure, trade and services, degree of development etc. Characteristic of the area is for extensive livestock. The area is currently growing, mainly due to the purchase of properties by foreign investors. Description: Improvements: Wired: (new) post every 5 meters, with 5-wire smooth wire and 3 swings of palms; Wired internal and perimeter (old) post every 5 meters with 5-wire smooth wire and 3 swings of palm. Ponds: several ponds of different m3 Pastures: 27 pasture poultry: 1 poultry in the main area of the farm, 1 corral in one of the retreats (Monica) Central Area: 1 owner House, 1 for foreman, warehouse staff with 4 rooms, a shed with deposit, aviation tracks Retreats: 3 retreats (Monica, Marisol, Toroheta)

Location: Presidente Hayes, Paraguay

Asking: USD 13,029,600 **

Code: PYPEF147

Land Size: 10,858 ha

Subcategory: Grazing Farm

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