Strategically Located Productive Agricultural Farm

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Developed Farm suitable for Agriculture Production

Developed operating farm in Santa Rosa del Monday / Tavapy - Alto Paraná with the Rio Monday bordering the property suitable for soybean, wheat and corn. Strategic location: surrounded by soybean buyers. The main house has, electricity, good water supply, sheds for the machinery and trucks, sheds for seeds and tools Bungalow type workers houses Raw matter material for biomass energy production Sawmill, Airstrip, All weather access roads with internal roads in excellent condition; just 9 km from the main highway. Documents in order and ready to be transferred.

Location: Alto Paraná, Paraguay

Asking: 12,000 USD/Ha. **

Code: PYPEF136

Land Size: 5825 Ha.

Subcategory: Agricultural Farm

Contact Pablo A. Engel

Pablo is a Broker with expertise on various markets in LATAM and has an advanced experience in Agro ...