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EL INCA AURIFEROUS Mining PROJECT in the Atacama Region

Locatión The Inca Auriferous Project is located in Region III of Chile, 105 km north of Copia|pó city, and 104 km SW of Chañaral port. And 850 km north of Santiago. Closer is Inca de Oro, a small mining town (4 km to NE). Paved road and railroad 1 km away. Easy access to water and energy through nearby high voltage line and proximity to water wells. Mining friendly district, without relevant environmental and community problems. History The historical data highlight a series of small pits and underground mine with production of gold of the time of the Incas. The project includes surface mapping, drilling and surface and underground samples from different companies (drilled by: owners, Meridian Gold, Even Resources), with economic gold mineralization intersected. Easy access to underground mineral resources in Diamante and Bienvenida claims, through mining ramp up to 80 m depth, with tunnel section of 4 x 4 m. Other zones to the SE with axes, that communicate different levels, one of them to 200 meters of depth. Geology The area contains epithermal style alteration (low-intermedial sulphidation), with mineralization of gold and minor silver and copper. Metallogenetically the project is located in the coastal belt, very near to new discoveries at Inca de Oro and Carmen Porphyry Copper (PANAUST-CODELCO, [email protected]% Cu) located 2km NE. In the El Inca area it is possible to observe volcanics and clastic rocks (middle to upper jurasic); dioritic and granodioritic porphyries of tertiary age (paleocene) are present as well. Intersecting the volcanic host-rocks, there is a dilatational structural jog system, which generates a mineralized zone or block, constituted internally by vein system and inter-vein dissemination and stockwork, with gold grade variable between 0.5 and 2 g/t Au. Many veinlets type crustiform are observedand. Its mineralization corresponds mainly to gold, less silver, and lesser amount of copper. The copper increases towards to NE and gold and silver increase to SW. The veins are structures of width between 0.5m and >5 m. The main veins from south to north are Veta Cuatro Amigos, Veta Unión, Veta Inca and Veta Porteña. The gold grades of the veins are variable from 1 to >10 g/t Au.

Location: Copiapó, Chile

Asking: 6,500,000 USD **

Code: CLPEF106

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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