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Mining Farm in the Atacama Region

Agrandada Project is located in Region III of Chile. It is located, in a straight line 30 km SE of Copiapó City, and 20 km SE of Candelaria Mine (Lundin Mining). And 75 km NE of Desierto de Atacama Airport. The access is easy following the C-35 paved road parallel to the Copiapó river to the south, deviating to the east by mining road C-405 at the height of Villa María. You go up east through the Quebrada Salamanca, until you reach the exploitation area on a promontory of low relief (elevation 1300 m osl.). Easy access to energy through nearby high voltage line and 75 km proximity to sea water. Mining friendly district, without relevant environmental and community problems. There are approximately 22.7 km2 of mining property (approx. 2271 hectares). History The historical data highlight a series of small pits and underground mine with production of copper. The project includes surface mapping, geophysics data (IP and Aerial Magnetometry) and chip samples, with economic copper mineralization observed in the mining artisanal labor. Geology The area is controlled by large regional geological structures NNE, known as Elisa de Bordo Structural System. This system controls different intrusive precursors of Paleocene, of dioritic composition, in turn cut by fertile quartz-monzonitic intrusive of age 59 ma, and possibly their phyllic alteration and mineralization is still a little younger. These intrusive cut to the east a sequence of sedimentary volcano rocks of the Hornitos Formation from 80 to 65 ma (Upper Cretacic). This formation also presents in the area various domes and dacitic flows. To the east of the intrusives is the Cerrillos Formation (volcanic - sedimentary). Style of mineralization - potential The area contains strong evidences on mineralization, lithology and alteration can classified this ore deposits as Porphyry Copper Cu – Mo – Au style. Metallogenetically the project is located in the Paleocene Porphyry Cu belt, and near 20 km to the west with IOCG belt (Candelaria Mine and Punta el Cobre Belt). So far the exploitation of oxidized copper ores has been carried out in several small mining works and tunnels with grades that fluctuate around 1.5 to 2.5% copper. Molybdenum anomalies higher than 70 ppm were found on average. The mineralized rock is a intrusive, which under the microscope is defined as Quartz-Monzonitic porphyry, coarse to medium grain, with biotite altered to quartz with sericite and hematite and veinlets with copper oxides (brochantite and atacamite). Relictic potassic alteration is observed, given by potasic feldspar and hydrobiotite.

Location: Copiapó, Chile

Asking: 5,000,000 USD **

Code: CLPEF105

Land Size: 2.271 Has.

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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