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Forestry, Eco Tourism you Choose

This property is ideal for hunting, conservation, native forests, ranching, forestry,, summer cattle breading and also a major tourist activity with easy access to main roads. Location Location this farm has it. Thermal Baths of Malalcahuello (Hot springs and skiing) and Corralco Ski Center located at the slops of Lonquimay Volcano close bv..A short commute of 1, 5 hrs. to Argentinian lakes, and their main ski centres.- There is only one entrance and exclusively for the farm with no public roads inside the farm. The farm has very attractive areas like small lagoon on the top of a Mountain and some strips and small water falls. The fam has more than 18 km of internal roads, 700 has of Native wild hardwood Forest, This Native Hardwood Forest is suitable to apply management forestry plan. The hardwood is composed for lot of different species, but with predominant of Araucarias, Coigüe, Raulies, Lenga, etc. most of them of large dimension called Cathedral trees. In the farm has been planted Native Forests like Araucaria Pine (35 has), also some Fast Grown Forest like Ponderosa Pine (15 has), Eucalyptus Nitens (50 has) and Oregon Pine (Douglas fir, 8 has) For cattle breeding purposes some land has been planted with grass, especially by the river “Agrio” which cross the whole farm in this area.

Location: Malleco, Chile

Asking: USD 6,156,215 **

Code: CHCSF141

Land Size: 1250 ha

Subcategory: Forestry

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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