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Good Price & Upscaling Value

Is a cattle breeding unit and currently is able to breed around 200 to 350 heads. If its properly worked its potential could allow to graze 500 heads on the 450 ha with pastures. Located at 40 km of Panguipulli & 30 km of Los Lagos.

Location: Valdivia, Chile

Asking: USD 6,107/Ha **

Code: CHPFF196

Land Size: 739 ha

Production: From the 740 ha, 450 ha are in pasture & 290 ha are native bush, scrubland. Around 45 ha are flat, 400 ha are easy and moderate rolling and 295 ha of different slopes.

Other: Two rustic workers houses Monophase electric power

Irrigation: Farm hasn`t irrigation water rights enrolled but it has plenty of water from a river and from several creeks inside the farm.

Subcategory: Grazing Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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