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Highly Technified Fruit Orchard

Property is located in two places separated less than 4 km away one from another. First farm (36,09 ha) is at km 162 and 1,000 m west of Main Highway and second farm (37,15 ha) is at km 164 and 120 m west of Main Highway. By sealed road on both cases.

Location: Curicó, Chile

Asking: USD 32,787/ha **

Code: CHPFF162

Land Size: 73.24 ha

Production: Soils are mostly silty loams and sandy loams with a profile free of hard pan formation and water. Good drainage. Irrigation Class II and III. Orchard effective area planted 61 ha. Cherries 5.25 ha (Sweet Heart, Bing, Lapins) Tintorera 8.9 ha Cabernet 2.5 ha Apple Granny 13.4 ha Apple Pink Lady 2.1 ha Apple Gala Premium 11.85 ha Pear Abate Fetel & Forelle 10 ha Blueberries

Building: Cold store mainly for the blueberries (6mx6m=36 m2) Blueberries packing Manager house Office All purpose sheds Irrigation pumps room All the internal roads are of gravel and well kept.

Water: Drinkable water

Irrigation: All farms are under technified irrigation drip & micro sprinkler irrigation. Farm has two deep wells, plenty enough to irrigate and frost control. Energy applied is diesel (tractor) and three phase power. There is a water reservoir. Surface irrigation water comes from Canal Quinta. Irrigation water coming from deep wells and has been enrolled in one farm and is in process to be enrolled in the another one.

Subcategory: Agricultural Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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