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One of a kind! Well priced, good soils & secluded valley

Property has a good and nice hidden valley of an unbeatable agriculture flat land secluded by own low hills. Highly recommended this farm for project development due to its low price, natural resources and privileged location in a very isolated & unpolluted area.

Location: Curicó, Chile

Asking: USD 4,918/ha **

Code: CHPFF159

Land Size: 1,100 ha

Production: Farm has mainly three types of productive areas: 1. Irrigated land, around 125 ha of soil with no limitation for anual crops, fruit orchards or intensive cattle production. 2. Around 520 ha of excellent flat dryland with no limitation, of which 400 has have been sown with wheat. The others 120 hectares need to be cleaned up from espinos trees (Acacia Caven). If irrigated this area could dedicated to export fruit orchard, i.e. cherry, kiwifruit, table grapes, walnut, chestnut, apples, olive, hazelnut, etc., vineyards, livestock or different anual crops. This is a beautiful internal protected valley surrounded by own farm low hills. 3. Around 455 ha of low hills founded in the Coastal Range are good for Pines forestry.

Building: Old cattle & sheep yard and loader in regular condition. Old all purpose shed good in condition. Three phases energy supply.

Homestead: Owners house 140 m2 good condition.

Other: Manager house 80 m2 aprox. in good condition. Old worker house in regular condition.

Water: Drinking water.

Irrigation: Property has registered surface irrigated water of 120 l/s from three channels. And also has rights for 18 l/s of underground water. Irrigation water reservoir of 100 m x 30 m. Capacity is 7.5000.000 L. Water is available in the underground basin in the area, no restrictions to establish new wells. In any case, there are water rights for sale by private owners in the area.

Subcategory: Agricultural Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.