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Small & Tidy Dairy Farm

Very well managed dairy farm, with high technology, its small, tidy & very cheap. Located 9,5 km from Osorno on paved road to farm door.

Location: Osorno, Chile

Asking: USD 13,289 per ha **

Code: CHPFF153

Land Size: 73 ha

Production: Soils: mainly Deep transition type, easy rolling to flat topography. Milking shed: Milking equipment Christensen, 7 points, Pendular type. Safratec feeder of 14 points. 6 ton grain silo. Exclusive water for milking room & adjacent areas (2,400 L) with solar heating system. Ceramic walls in milking & tank romos. Includes: dairy office, changing room, storage, bathroom, fuel area & administration office. Feeding yard for 80 heads, with central feeder, water, electricity and space for storage of 2,000 bales. Calves shed (320 M2): capacity for 50-60 head (150kg), 12 separate units with dirt base, automatic water system, weighing scale, cement corridors, milk room with ceramic walls, plastic feeding buckets and space to store 400 bales.

Building: Calves shed: 320 M2 Milking shed: 7 positions (14 cows) Cattle yard: 400 M2, for 120 heads, paved surface. Feeding yard: 1,000 M2 Remains pit: 25 M3 Hydroponic nursery: 2 M2 Bales Shed: 450 M2 & 5 M tall Tools shed & warehouse: 140 M2 Fuels section Underground electricity on whole farm

Other: New Keeper house: 90 M2 + warehouse, another 65 M2 worker house.

Water: 20,000 L storage tank next to deep well, PVC network system on all farm with hydrants every 100 M for mobile drinking water positions. Independent system on milking shed with solar heating system.

Irrigation: Under sprintler 25 ha, using a deep well + 2 reservoirs (3,500 M3 + 400 M3). Remains irrigation: covers 18 ha, 25 M3 concrete pit, sorrounding fence and rain water drainage system.

Subcategory: Dairy Farm

** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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