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Pucon 4* Thermal Waters Resort

The Thermal waters resort is located at 30 km East of Pucon on a sealed road. Resort total area is 27.000 m2 (2,7 ha) and is placed next to Rïo Liucura within exuberant nature.

Location: Cautín, Chile

Asking: USD 22,950,820 **

Code: CHPFL109

Subcategory: Tourism

Land Size: 2,7 ha

Production: The resort is a modern and comfortable 4 stars quality property for public operation all year around. It has 3 thermal swimming pools (T 38C to 43C), high-class restaurant & coffee shop, car park, Spa and beautiful trekking paths within the native forest.

Building: Reception office Restaurant Coffee shop Guest house 200 m2 Guest cottage 74 m2 Two indoor thermal swimming pools One outdoor thermal swimming pool Dressing house and lockers Baths Others

Water: The waters are 100% thermal, full of minerals & salts coming up from the deep earth. Thermal & drinking water rights: The resort has 4.5 l/s drinking water registered and a deep well of 2.2 l/s of thermal waters ( 42C to 50C. Deep well of thermal water has a special quality certification issued by the Health Ministry which states as Supreme Decree the Deep well is a Spring of Curing Water.










* Gross built area
** Sales in Chile are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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