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Leased Farms and Grain Storage System

The farms, titled NF I, II and III, are located 43 kilometers northeast of the city, and in the muncipality of Araguacu Tocantins. NF II and III, while titled separately, are contiguous, while NF I is located an additional 5 kilometers east. Three tons of limestone were applied to all fields ahead of the first year of planting, and corrective applications have been made in the insuring years based on the results of regular soil tests. All three farms have legalized legal reserves, and have been legally geo-referenced as required by new Brazilian law. Average yields, dropping out the drought-year crop of 2012-2013, have been on a steady uptrend, and currently are near 43 sacs per hectare for soybeans and 110 sacs per hectare for corn.

Location: Acre, Brasil

Asking: USD 4,040,000 **

Code: BRARF104

Land Size: 1456 ha

Subcategory: Agricultural Farm

** Sales in Brasil are in a local currency so the conversion to USD is only a guide, given it changes with the exchange rate.

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