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Large Farm with many improvements suitable for Livestock and Forestry

The property is ideal characteristics for the breeding of cattle. Located in an area of breeding and re- breeding of cattle, the farm is an establishment comprising a total area of 94.149 hectares. This location offers the investors perspectives very interesting and advantageous for its geographical condition in relation to the city of Mendoza (140 km away) and other important cities, such as San Carlos, Tunuyán and San Rafael, Ñacuñan, as well as international airports. Their economic development is mainly based on livestock production, has an important infrastructure, in terms of roads, aqueducts, pens, drinking fountains, watery windmills, tanks of stores lie water traps for collection of finances, housing for staff and employers, which has two bedrooms, living room, separate kitchen, radio station, refrigerator gas, electric lights powered by solar panels. It has a small shed 70 m2 more which makes a total of 120 square meters. Closest electrical lines is 25 km. it is also noteworthy that the perimeter of the field is completely wired (in perfect condition) except in the southern part which is delimited by an important height huaiqueria. In the Northwest of the property has been fenced a fraction of 7000 searched. with seam Perimetral, made with high strength wire in 5 threads, and framing of itin, algarrobo, and plums, with their corresponding access gates. To the East a fraction of 3,000 Hectares is fenced. The farm presents natural unevenness in the terrain or sandy loam soil, (hondeadas and hills), you can also see flat parts covered by trees and shrubs of the native flora of the area, as for example: jarilla, chañares, carob trees, Molle, zampa, etc. In addition it also has soft grasses suitable for livestock feed. It is observed an increase in the rate of rainfall to the South, to greater influence anti ciclonal of the West and Southwest. Towards the Southeast, the soil presents a bit more gritty but with abundant vegetation, unlike the northwestern part which, although it is as mentioned above, vegetation is more earthy than Sandy. As wildlife, within the estancia is an important population of castilla Hare, Creole hares, rheas, wild boars. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE REQUEST FULL DETAILS

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Asking: USD 18,000,000 **

Code: ARPEF103

Land Size: 94.149 ha

Subcategory: Mixed Farm

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