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Farm and Forestry Advisory Consultants

Our consultants are internationally experienced independent farm and forestry advisors with local hands-on experience who have a proven track record in advanced farm and forestry management systems adapted for local conditions. Whether you are just evaluating or currently invested, our consultants are well placed to maximize your returns.

Dairy Farm Consultants

Dairy farm consultants are proven professionals using the latest of international technology for achieving maximum returns. If you are considering converting an existing farm to dairying or improving the performance of an existing one, talk to us first.

Deer Farming Consultants

Our consultants have a proven track record of over 30 years breeding world class stock for the hunting and restaurant trade. If you are considering a start up or expanding an existing deer farm, talk to us first.

Administration Services

We can arrange for a full farm management package including administration tailor made for your circumstances.


We can arrange for an independent farm or forestry valuation in Argentina or Uruguay.

Legal Services

Should you require independent legal advice in Argentina or Uruguay we can assist you in recommending both lawyers and Notaries.

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