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Forestry Ready Land

Excellent opportunity to invest in timberland in Uruguay. This land is currently used for cattle grazing. A forestry project was designed to plant 50% with eucalyptus trees. The future UPM mill will b...


Code: UYWMF1

USD 4,000 per ha

1300 ha

+ More

Mixed Farm in a Great Location

On the shores of the river, San José one can find a nice and quiet farm in a rural setting. 178 hectares in total which are used for cattle breeding, 30 hectares of corn (rented out) and poplar...

San José

Code: UYWMF2

USD 7,500 per ha

178 ha

+ More

Cattle Ranch

The cattle ranch is n Rocha where currently Bonsmara cows are being grazed. Over 100 hectares is of improved pastures and the rest is natural grassland and native forest. Herd management facilities a...


Code: UYWMF5


100 ha

+ More

Cropping Addition

Crop field of 70 hectares near Rosario, department Colonia. This land can be used for the rotation of summer and winter crops. It has a rental contract for the next 3 years based on kg of soybeans. Th...

Buenos Aires

Code: UYMWF4

USD 11,000 per ha

70 ha

+ More

Semi Developed Farm suitable for Livestock & Forestry near Punta del Este

Semi Developed farm in the vicinity of Garzon with beautiful views; livestock management facilities, a jetty, water supply, very good fences, with a mature Eucalyptus forest; CONEAT index of 54; with...


Code: UYPEF100

USD 300,000

46 ha

+ More

Unique Historic Island Now For Sale

Estancia Isla de Lobos, with a surface of 1250 hectares, is a hidden, undiscovered paradise, surrounded by impressive rivers at the quiet west-coast of Uruguay, a combination of abundant nature and id...

Río Negro

Code: UYGMFA100

USD 3,125.000

1250 ha

+ More

Olive Orchard

Attractive olive plantation which consists of 40 hectares. Half of it was planted with over 5.000 olive trees in 2006 with different varieties such as Arbequina (50%), Coratina (40%) and Manzanilla (1...


Code: UYWMF3

USD 550,000

40 ha

+ More

Beef & Cow Farm

306 has suitable for cows; beef finishing and dairy farm , excellent water resources. only 10 kms from Rocha. Main house 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and park. Additional house for employees....


Code: UYRLF142

USD 2,142,000

306 ha

+ More

Small Farmlet Outside Punta del Este

A farmlet outside the Punta del Este resort. Well fenced, quality views of the Laguna del Sauce and Punta del Este. Surrounded by other small lots of olives, vineyards, and other lifestyle blocks. ...


Code: UYTEF25

USD 270,000

36 ha

+ More

Undeveloped Farm in Lavalleja suitable for Livestock & Tourism

Undeveloped Farm located in the district of Maria Albina, 405 Hectares, No Infrastructures, ideal for Livestock and Tourism development. Located 287 kms northeast from the Capital City Montevideo ...


Code: UYPEF101

1,215,000 USD

405 Has.

+ More

Semi Developed Farm in Treinta y Tres for Livestock & Tourism

Semi Developed Farm located in the District of Quebrada de los Cuervos, 40 kms from the city of Treinta y Tres, Artesian well, 2 cabins, 1 Owner House under maintenance, no Power electricity, streams ...

Treinta y Tres

Code: UYPEF102

3,000 USD/Ha.

517 Has.

+ More

Developed Mixed Farm in Villa Ansina

Mixed Farm located in the district of Villa Ansina, with coast by the Tacuarembo River, Fully Developed infrastructures, 500 Hectares for Agriculture, Water Permit. Price is Negotiable ...


Code: UYPEF104

9,144,000 USD

2.286 Has.

+ More

Mixed Developed Farm in Lavalleja

Mixed Farm located in the District of Pueblo Aramendia, 2 hours from the Capital City Montevideo, half and hour from the Atlantic Ocean (Punta del Este). Spectacular Main Quarter, more than 10 bedroom...


Code: UYPEF105

13,019,000 USD

2.770 Has.

+ More

Developed Mixed Farm in Florida

Developed Mixed Farm located in the district of San Gabriel, 25 kms from the City of Florida and 135 kms from the Capital City Montevideo, great access, coast by the Santa Lucia River, 15 paddocks, Wi...


Code: UYPEF106

7,332,000 USD

1.833 Has.

+ More

Developed Livestock Farm in Durazno

Developed Farm located in the district Baygorria, fully equipped Farm, Wired Perimeter, internal roads, coast by the Río Negro, 36 kms of coast, no Flooding issues, good access, all paddocks lo...


Code: UYPEF107

7,200,000 USD

1.600 Has.

+ More

Developed Livestock Farm in Paysandu

Farm in Uruguay - PAYSANDU Departament Costas del Cheguay Chico District 10.989 Hectares Complete Headquarters with all the comforts Staff Houses Manager House Owner House Bar...


Code: UYPEF109

24,175,800 USD

10.989 Has.

+ More

Premium farm between Montevideo and Punta del Este

Excellent mixed farm in rural surroundings at a convenient distance from the most important cities in Uruguay. Attractive combination of grain production and cattle breeding operation....


Code: UYWMF105

USD 2,800,000

423 ha

+ More

Vineyard & Winery in Colonia

Vineyard & Winery located in the Colonia Department with all the Infrastructures, Machinery, Vehicules, Tools, Stainless Steel Tanks, Production Capacity: 7 million Liters, diverse varietals of Wi...


Code: UYPEF110

Price Upon Request

63 Has.

+ More

Developed Mixed Farm in Florida

Farm in Florida - URUGUAY Fray Marcos District 204 Hectares Suitability: Agriculture & Livestock 100 kms from the Capital City Montevideo Owner House with 5 bedrooms and 3 bath...


Code: UYPEF111

6,000 USD/Ha.

204 Has.

+ More

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